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Sunday, 12 December 2010 12:03

The PNMTA motto is Preserving Public Lands For Public Use.

In 1998 the Carson City District Office of the BLM was proposing radical changes to the Travel Management Plan for the Pine Nut Mountains Management Unit. At that time the Travel Management Plan allowed vehicles to travel cross country, no restrictions. The BLM was proposing to limit OHV usage to handful of the existing roads. The proposed policy would have restricted usage to only the dirt roads officially maintained by the BLM, closing the majority of the existing dirt roads as well as all the single track and two track trails that had been established over the last 40 years.

The BLM was offering us three choices: leave the travel management plan as it was; close the Pine Nut Mountains to all motorized recreation; or limiting motorized recreation to a little over 100 miles of existing dirt roads you could drive the family sedan over. The Carson City District was seeking local comments before. They weren't asking for alternatives, they were asking us to let them know, in our opinion, which plan was best. Kevin Walsh, a Carson City attorney and dirt biker, set up a town hall meeting to discuss this proposal with the BLM. At the meeting the BLM told us that keeping the current management plan was not acceptable. The days of unrestricted OHV usage were over. They had only included that option to help them build their case as to why it was not an option. They stated our only choice was keeping a 100 miles of dirt roads or eliminating motorized recreation.

Our response was to create the Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association with the goal of grandfathering in the existing network of dirt roads and trails  as the centerpiece of the proposed Travel Management Plan. Our first official act was to organize a "Pony Express Ride" to deliver our proposed management plan to the Carson City District Office. We started the ride at 4:30 AM with Pat Schmid starting from Johnson Lane and riding out Sunrise Pass and coming back over Rickey Canyon to and making the hand off to Kevin Walsh at the Single Tree Staging Area. We got the BLM's attention.

Nevada Appeal atricle about the PNMTA Pony Express Ride


The BLM has yet to finalize their Travel Management Plan. They have made several attempts, but each attempt has cratered when the BLM has failed to accept our proposal that all existing roads and trails are open unless marked closed. The BLM has always asked us for a list of the list of what we consider to be the existing roads and trails so they can decide which ones will be accepted as existing.

Despite this impasse, we have worked with the BLM to establish OHV trail heads at Dayton on the Back County Byway, in Carson City at the Silver Saddle Ranch, at Johnson Lane in the Gravel Pit, off Pine Nut Road at the Single Tree and kiddie track across from the Douglas County Transfer Station. We have also partnered with the BLM and the Great Basin Institute to mark a set of existing roads that will form the backbone of the existing roads and trails system that should become part of the Travel Management Plan.

And when the BLM tried to close the Ruenstroth area to all OHVs based on this area being a critical dinosaur archeological site we fought back. We worked an agreement with the BLM that left the existing roads and trails open to OHV use. The BLM has marked these trails as being open, with a current map being displayed at the Single Tree Staging Area Kiosk. We hope that this can become the model for any future travel management plan.

While the existing travel management plan does allow for unrestricted cross country travel we ask that you work with us and stick to riding the existing roads and trails. By accepting a defacto plan that limits our usage to the existing roads and trails you are helping us to achieve this goal. By not riding across virgin terrain you prevent this from becoming a hot button issue with the environmentalists.


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